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Our company is one of the oldest orthopedic enterprises in Russia and the largest in Europe. Despite its age, the company is a leading company in the industry and a consistent leader in the market of orthopedic products.
During its existence, we have helped hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities to return to normal life.
For these years employees of our company had to experience a lot of production, organizational and economic difficulties, but always at all times one thing remains: the desire of the staff of prosthetic-orthopedic enterprise in any environment to provide professional assistance to those in need and carefully and with concern to treat every person who contacts us.
Special words I want to say to the veterans of our enterprise. They are always ready to share the experience with the younger generation, and therefore use a deserved authority and respect.
In recent years our friendly staff has replenished with young specialists who learn from their senior colleagues and gain from their experience and knowledge and therefore rightfully occupy a leading place in the team.