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I sincerely thank all the staff of the Moscow orthopedic company for his kindness and sensitivity. I'm happy with the denture, everything is convenient and comfortable. Done quickly, despite the complexity of my problem. I'll definitely make a prosthetic for you in the future. THANK you very much!


I want to Express my sincere gratitude to Vadim Morozov technique for his diligent and quality work on making the prosthesis. 03/12/2015


My sincere thanks to technician-prosthetist Nikolai Makarov. Professional, courteous, done quickly, accurately tuned. I'm happy with. Please encourage professionals such as Nikolay. They are our hope and support. With deep respect, Shipilov A. I.

Knulova N.P.

I thank all the staff for the attentive attitude, professionalism and kindness.

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